she wants to sell my monkey

Apparently I'm a hockey blog now? Future journalism major. I also like Marvel, Star Trek, Sherlock, and pop-punk.
hockey butt(s)

Why the fuck are people shaming John Green he’s an amazing fucking author and he’s helped a shit ton of people with his writing and his vlogs who the fuck are you to judge him based on characters he wrote honestly fuck all of you tumblr is full of a bunch of asshole dicksmudges I hate you all


ty avolia: mini mega fan #BuckleUpBaby


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that’s the secret !! 

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He’s gay in it

― The best thing people-do-like-the-hat has ever said to me

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Bob’s Burgers is a form of therapy. For real.

I hope everyone resizes that we won’t win another game. This loss was solely Fleury’s fault and that will get into his head and he will play like shit the rest of the series. It happens every year, I don’t expect a change.

Hey can we shame flower now? Because if we lose its literally all his fault

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"Eugenie" Malkin, Most Likely To Be Allergic to His Own Face. (x)

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geno is super excited for the game!

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